Protect the environment and go faster!

SEAJET Paint offers two 'Foul release' products:

SEAJET Speed for the hull

SEAJET Peller Clean for propellers, inboards, outboards and stern gear.

Unlike anti-foulings, which use toxic agents in the paint to keep fouling off the hull, these products use silicone to provide an ultra slippy surface, that fouling finds it difficult to adhere to.

We call these Foul-Release Coatings. Fouling normally washes off the non-stick, slippy surface when you are motoring or sailing. For inactive boats and those cruising below 5 knots, a quick wash or sponge off will remove any fouling and make the coating look like new.

Are you a racer? The added benefit is for motorboats and serious sailboat racers.

     Clin d'Oeil Environment Award (Paris 2002)


Compared to other anti-foulings, SEAJET SPEED has a lower frictional resistance through the water. This can help provide that extra bit of speed required to win!


  The surface can be wiped clean  


  Seajet Speed




Do you hate repainting each year? SEAJET SPEED will last up to three seasons. The higher initial cost of paint is soon paid back compared to a normal high performance anti-fouling, which is repainted every year. And you save all that time and effort!

Does your propeller foul? Then use our transparent PELLER CLEAN (containing SEAJET SPEED) to keep fouling at bay. With PELLER CLEAN, you can now protect your boat from fouling and be kind to marine life.