Innovative technology

Did you know that the Japanese are leading the world in developing high performance antifouling paints? With the resources of Chugoku Marine Paints, SEAJET products provide you with the cutting edge technology for you to improve the appearance and performance of your boat.  




We research many formulations to bring you the best.

The first two photos are from one of our test raft facilities for anti-foulings. The other two shows a sophisticated rotor test that simulates the movement of the boat. It is due to our high level of commitment to research that SEAJET 033 SHOGUN has won many of the independent tests. SEAJET 039 PLATINUM provides a jump in performance, even compared to SEAJET 033 SHOGUN. This is due to our unique, patented new resin technology, which makes the selfpolishing mechanism so predictable over time that we can apply SEAJET 039 PLATINIUM to protect for two years or more (depending on the location of the boat).