Seajet UV Varnish is designed to protect your boat and make it look like new. Varnish protects your boat against weather conditions, UV light, moist and mould. Also to keep the natural beauty in wood. Seajet UV Varnish keeps its gloss and appearance over time.




Remove any old varnish layers in poor condition by sanding or stripping. To improve adhesion to the wood, degrease oily woods like pine, by wiping with Seajet thinner. Sand the surface with P80-P180 along the grain, followed by P280-P320, until it is very smooth. Some extra effort at this stage will be rewarded with a better quality finish. Remove all dust by thinner wiping and allow to dry. For existing varnish in good condition, clean with thinner E. Wash down with fresh water and let it dry. Flatten back with P280-P320 abrasive paper and clean the surface with a tack rag.




The objective is to achieve a glass like finish. This can only be achieved with multiple coats. So thin the first coat by 50% on bare wood. Thin the second coat by 25%, the third by 10% and then apply additional coats, thinning if necessary by 5%. Apply a total of 7 or 8 coats for a glass like finish. Sand between coats with P320-P400 for a better finish.




Once a varnish has been applied, it needs yearly maintenance. We recommend topping the system up with at least one coat per year Apply varnish with a loaded brush or roller, then brush out firstly across the grain, followed by along the grain. Work on a small, one square metre, area at a time, to avoid it drying before you have finished brushing. Avoid painting varnish when damp or indirect sunlight.