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Seajet 120 UV Varnish


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Seajet 130 Gloss Varnish

To protect your boat and make it look as good as new, we developed the Seajet topcoat varnish. This varnish reduces the influence of precipitation, light, humidity or mould on your paint. The difference between paint and varnish, is that varnish needs to be applied on wooden surfaces. It makes the wooden structure stand out, polishes your boat and keeps it in perfect condition.


Best yacht varnish finish

Are you looking for the best yacht varnish? Topcoat varnish of Seajet is the best choice for your boat. The goal of the varnish: to create a vitreous look. This is solely possible through multiple layers. Therefore, dilute the first layer by 50 percent. For the second layer, dilute the varnish by 25 percent. Lastly, for the third layer, make the varnish thinner by 10 percent. If you want to use more layers, add 5 percent water to your varnish. For a vitreous finish and look, use seven to eight layers.


After you have applied the topcoat varnish, the final layer needs to be renewed yearly. Apply the varnish with a brush or a roller.  When you start, apply the varnish per square meter to prevent the paint from drying up before you start brushing. To optimize the results possible, avoid applying the topcoat varnish in direct sunlight or humid conditions.


The best result

You can find application guidelines in the product label and on the website. Subjects are, among others, application guidance about the minimum amount of layers and sanding between the layers. If you want more information about the best yacht varnish, consult our technical datasheets or contact one of our distributors.