Being mindful of our environment and taking care to support health & safety regulations at all times, is a responsibility that SEAJET takes very seriously. 

The often referred to Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR, Regulation (EU) 528/2012) is a highly anticipated Europe-wide statute that paint and antifoul manufacturers must adhere to, if they wish to continue selling antifoul products in different EU countries. 

The BPR approval process will harmonize the list of ingredients that different manufacturers will be allowed to use, to produce their different antifoul products.  

To the frustration of marine retailers and their end-user customers, some antifoul manufacturers have been forced towards a rapid change of product formulation and the risk to product reliability and performance these changes imply.   

SEAJET have for years been preparing our antifouling product portfolio as 
being BPR ready. 

The good news for SEAJET retailers and their customers, therefore, is that we do not foresee any immediate change of product formulation for any of our existing antifoul product lines in 2018. There will be no interruption to supplies of our existing range and no alteration to our proven product performance and long-term quality.   


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