Con los diluyentes SEAJET puede limpiar cepillos y equipos de pulverización. También se usa diluyente para una aplicación más fácil.



Seajet Thinner A


Seajet Thinner E


Seajet Thinner P


Seajet Thinner U

Are you looking for a thinner for your paint job? Seajet offers great thinners for your boat. Thinners are solvents and are the same dissolvers as used in paints. Add gel coat thinner to your paint to facilitate the application if needed, or use it to clean your brushes. Seajets gel coat thinners are ideal to clean your paint rollers, brushes and spraying equipment.


Clean paint supplies

Gel coat thinner will make your paint supplies look like it has never been used. To make full use of the thinner, soak your equipment for at least two hours, but ideally the whole night. Dry your tools and store them in a dry place.

Paint thinners

Thinners are also usable to thin paint. To use the thinners probably, we made a list for you to see what thinners are usable for which paints. These are the options:

  • Seajet Thinner A: Seajet Antifouling, Seajet 015 Underwater Primer.

  • Seajet Thinner U: Seajet 122 Brilliance, Seajet 012 Universal Primer, Seajet 120 UV Varnish.

  • Seajet Thinner E: Seajet Epoxy Primers.

  • Seajet Thinner P: Seajet 132 Polyurethane.

Seajet gel coat thinner

Seajet products keep your boat in the best shape possible. Download our technical datasheets to find out more about thinners or other products. If you have any questions, please contact one of our distributors.