Seajet 033 Shogun


Antiincrustante autopulimentante "premiun" altamente efectivo contra el limo y el verdín. Adecuado para áreas de alto riesgo de incrustación.


  • Autopulimentante​​​​​​​
  • Altamente efectivo contra limo y verdín​​​​​​​
  • Galardonado en tests comparativos​​​​​​​
  • Alto rendimiento por mano


Use antiincrstantes de forma segura. Lea la etiqueta y la información del producto antes de su uso.


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Datos técnicos


Nombre del producto Seajet 033 Shogun
Tipo de producto Antiincrustante
Área de aplicación

Bajo la línea de flotación (obra viva)

Abrigos recomendados por temporada 2




Características del agua

Salt water

Agua dulce

Agua salobre

Velocidad máxima 40 nudos
Método de aplicación



Pistola sin aire

Rendimiento 9.98 m² p/liter
Tamaño de envase 750ml / 2.5lt / 5lt / 20lt
Paint calculator

Rendimiento basado en 100 µ de espesor húmedo por capa

Seajet 033 Shogun

Seajet 033 Shogun is a premium self-polishing antifouling. The paint is highly effective in preventing slime and weed from attaching to vessels. The antifouling is suitable for high fouling areas and has a high coverage rate. The colours available are grey, mid blue, dark blue, red and black and are used for the vessel’s surface beneath the water. Keep in mind that the colours may change slightly, due to friction of the water.

Solution for marine growth

The Seajet 033 Shogun antifouling is the best option to prevent marine growth from attaching to yachts or motorboats. The special made paint is free of tin and self-polishing. It can be used for vessels, which will not be travelling faster than 40 knots.

Seajet 033 Shogun application

There are a few steps to take for a proper application of the paint to the surface. Firstly, if there is another layer of antifouling on the surface, you have to remove it. Removing antifouling has to be done by wet sanding, or by a chemical removal. Never use a burner to remove the antifouling.

If the previous antifouling is in bad shape, you will have to remove it entirely. If the existing paint is in good condition, use our Seajet antifouling tolerance table to make sure your antifouling is properly attached. Clean the antifouling with a high-pressure water spray with approximately 200 bar. It will help to remove the marine growth and salt crystals.


Before the application, make sure the surface is dry, clean and free of oil. Then, apply two layers of Seajet 033 Shogun. Make sure to add more layers of coating to sharp and hard to reach spots, such as the rudder and the waterline.


Application on different surfaces

To apply the Seajet 033 Shogun antifouling to wood, you first have to use the Seajet 015 Underwater primer. For steel or polyester, either use Seajet 015 or 117 beforehand. Never apply Seajet 033 Shogun to aluminum. For more information, read the technical or the material safety data sheet. On this page, you can also find the technical data and paint calculator. You can find other Seajet products on the productpage.