Which product do I need to use for my propeller?

Seajet has 2 options to protect your propeller:

1. Antifouling option: Seajet Triple Pack

2. Foul release option: Seajet Pellerclean

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How many coats of primer do I need for osmosis protection?

Seajet recommends 4-5 coats of Seajet 117 Primer silver grey.

What kind of materials/poison is inside antifouling?

Every Seajet product has his own unique formulation. Please check the safety data sheet of the relevant product.

Material Safety Data Sheet
Which antifouling can I use on my GRP hull?

All Seajet antifoul coatings are suitable for GRP hulls.

I am using a competitor’s product? What needs to be done to switch over to Seajet?

If you have an existing coating on your hull you will need to establish the compatibility of the two products. Please check our Antifouling Compatibility Table and follow the instructions.

Antifouling Compatibility Table
What is the maximum time to immerse after application?

The maximum immersion time after application is 6 months for all Seajet antifouling except 027, 038 and 040, depending on the storage conditions of your boat. Seajet 027, 038 and 040 have a maximum immersion time of 3 months.

Seajet recommends to wait with immersion at least one day after application.

What should I do when the maximum immersion time has exceeded?

Please apply another coat of antifouling.

How to apply antifoul/primer

See movie “How to apply”

How to apply
How to sand?

See technical datasheets how to sand substrates.

Technical Data Sheet

Material Safety Data Sheet

Where can I find the technical datasheets
Seajet compatibility?

Always check if Seajet products you are going to use are compatible and whether they are suitable for what you have in mind.

For antifoulings  please see our Antifouling Compatibility Table.

Which product is the best to use?

Read carefully the product characteristics and the benefits to decide which product best suits your wishes and preferences.

Which antifouling is recommended for racers?

Seajet 034 and Seajet 035 are recommended for racers as they can be burnished during the season. 

What is the best time to paint my boat?

Apply during the late morning or early afternoon in calm, dry weather. Check always the weather conditions before painting. Temperature, dew point and humidity will affect your paint job. 

What are the drying times and over coating times between primer and antifouling?

Please check the technical data sheets:

Technical Data Sheet

How much paint do I need?

Please use our Paint Calculator:

Paint Calculator
Where can I buy Seajet products?

Please contact one of our distributors. They will advise you the nearest store. 

Can I thin my antifoul?

Thinning can significantly affect the application properties of an antifouling. Seajet recommends no thinning with application by brush or roller.

I need a price quotation

Please contact one of our distributor nearby.

What can I use for rudders, stern gear, trim trabs?

Seajet Pellerclean and Seajet Triple pack both can be used for rudders, stern gear and trimtrabs.

How to mix two component products?

Stir well with a powertool or a stirring stick. Stir for a minimum of 5 minutes and add the component B in 2 or 3 times to get a homogeneous paint.