Seajet 120 UV Varnish

Recommended forA beautiful, high gloss traditional tung oil varnish.
Main benefitsBeautiful high gloss finish. Contains UV absorbers to provide longer life. Easy to apply.
Durability against abrasionV
Gloss retention (resistance to UV sunlight)VV
Easy of achieving a "mirror finish" when applied by handVVV
Application direct to fibre-glassX
Application over existing similar coatingsVV
Interior useV
Use as a deck coatingV
Coverage rate when brushed12-13m²/lt
Pack size2.5ltr, 750ml
Technical Data Sheets
Key: V Suitable   VV Very Suitable   VVV Ideal   X Unsuitable

Hazards of Seajet 120 UV Varnish


Please check MSDS for details.