"The 6-month test results are in! And our copper-free antifouling (038 Taisho by Seajet Yacht Paint) is performing really well. After months in the tropical waters of Cabo Verde and Brazil, our underwater inspection showed almost no barnacles or seaweed. Best of all: the antifouling uses Econea, which breaks down into biodegradable components, so it's a good step towards a more sustainable antifouling solution."

Sailors for Sustainability


"Seajet 038 Taisho White after 7 months in perfect condition!"


The boat has been sailing in Balaton Lake, the largest freshwater lake in Central Europe with water temperatures varying between freezing en 30 degrees.


Westport Co.Kft

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"One year and 4 months later, it's time for the fairing! Completely satisfied with the Seajet 038 antifouling! Ecological (biocide without heavy metals) and effective!"


Mermer Location Martinique

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